Restaurant Tales: The Car Keys

The other day, I walked out onto the terrace at work to see my coworker scrambling around on the ground underneath the decking we have at one end. After a few minutes of watching, I learnt that the man at the table had dropped his keys from the table and they had fallen through the... Continue Reading →



The thing with living in such a small town is that every place holds a memory. The places where good times have been had hold a sense of happiness and peacefulness each time that you go back. The places where bad things have happened hold a sense of unease and discomfort as you walk past,... Continue Reading →

Life sucks

It rainsYou run out of chocolate The wine bottle is empty You miss him He doesn't miss you He left you for another girl You're broke The rent is due You may have nowhere to live You're depressed Trying to make it through the day Every day  Your life's a mess Life sucks But there's... Continue Reading →

There’s No Shame In Walking

April 14th, 2014 Mid-way through the Sheffield Half Marathon, another runner came past me, walked next to me and said "there's no shame in walking". That's probably the strongest memory I have of that day because it's the thing that has stuck with me most. There was absolutely no way I was going to run the... Continue Reading →

A Running Commentary: Vienna

This weekend just gone I was in Vienna visiting a friend for the weekend (blog post coming soon!)  and on the Friday morning I went for a run. My instructions were "follow the ring road twice and that should give you 10k. Well, I got lost - we still have no idea how I managed... Continue Reading →

Travels: Belgium, Day 1

Sometime in November, Stephanie and I decided to take advantage of our jour ferrier (long weekend) and take a road trip to Belgium. Yes, I know it's very very late being posted, but "better late than never", right? This is what happened: Day 1: The long drive On Thursday afternoon I went over to Tours... Continue Reading →

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