Dear Men: An Open Letter

Dear men, I know “not all men are bad” or “you’re not one of those men” but, please, before you roll your eyes at me or leave this page, take five minutes to hear me out. You, personally, may not be “one of those guys”, but I guarantee you know someone who is, or a... Continue Reading →


My Year Abroad: Sexual Harassment (Part 3)

Whilst living in France over the past 9 months, it has astounded me how many times I've been leered at, catcalled or "accidentally" touched by people I'd rather not make acquaintance with. I'm so tired of walking home at night after work, or going out for a run and constantly looking over my shoulder to... Continue Reading →

Travels: Belgium, Day 1

Sometime in November, Stephanie and I decided to take advantage of our jour ferrier (long weekend) and take a road trip to Belgium. Yes, I know it's very very late being posted, but "better late than never", right? This is what happened: Day 1: The long drive On Thursday afternoon I went over to Tours... Continue Reading →

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