Dear Men: An Open Letter

Dear men, I know “not all men are bad” or “you’re not one of those men” but, please, before you roll your eyes at me or leave this page, take five minutes to hear me out. You, personally, may not be “one of those guys”, but I guarantee you know someone who is, or a... Continue Reading →

Paris Marathon: A Picture Story

Top to bottom: Bib collection // Me finding my name on the wall of names // Before the breakfast run // Pre-run selfie // Post-run Tour Eiffel picture // WE GOT CROISSANTS AT THE FINISH LINE!!! // Another Tour Eiffel picture   Top to bottom: Place de la Concorde // Flat lay of what I... Continue Reading →

The Final Push: The Long Run

The longest (and hardest) run of my marathon preparation was the 28km run I did a couple of weeks before the race. It was crazy hot, compared to all the other weather that I'd been training in in Amboise and I'm fairly sure I finished dehydrated. Half way through the run I decided that, instead... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Tales: The Car Keys

The other day, I walked out onto the terrace at work to see my coworker scrambling around on the ground underneath the decking we have at one end. After a few minutes of watching, I learnt that the man at the table had dropped his keys from the table and they had fallen through the... Continue Reading →

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